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One "Zinger" Can Undo 20 "I Love You"'s By Vijai P. Sharma, Ph.D - Beware, the power of the negative is far greater than the power of the positive. Unkind words echo in our ears for years while the kind words are forgotten in days. A "zinger," that is, a cruel and aggressive quip or retort, can cut wounds too deep for pacifying words to heal. (Added: 31-Oct-2002 Hits: 424 )

Love Will Keep Us Together, but Respect is Where It's At By Vijai P. Sharma, Ph.D - In the success or breakdown of a couple's relationship, we always think of love; how their love keeps growing over the years or where did the love go. What we don't think of equally frequently is respect, tolerance, and appreciation and whether the love had good measures of these emotions. Truly satisfying relationships require respect, tolerance, and appreciation of who we are as men and women and as individuals. (Added: 31-Oct-2002 Hits: 515 )

Errors of Thinking Affect Our Relationships By Vijai P. Sharma, Ph.D - Errors of thinking prevent us from forming successful and satisfying relationships and may even cause us to be aggressive and domineering. These errors influence how we interact with our coworkers or provide the quality of leadership for those we supervise. (Added: 31-Oct-2002 Hits: 625 )

Owning Your Relationship By Kelly Johnson - Why is it so difficult to accept the truth that you are the owner of a relationship? After all, you initially saw something that you wanted, took steps to obtain it, and then made a decision to keep it in your life (Added: 30-Oct-2002 Hits: 443 )

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